Breastfeeding My Boyfriend – 1 x 60″ Channel 4  

This unprecedented documentary breaks down the taboo surrounding one of the world’s most shocking sexual kinks, adult breastfeeding.  With no-holds-barred access, we meet the men and women brave enough to share intimate details about this hidden underground scene.  We join the women going to extraordinary lengths to produce milk for their partners, explore what is behind the growing adult appetite for breastmilk, and go behind the scenes of the lucrative lactation porn industry, as we try to find out why you choose to breastfeed your boyfriend.   



The Posh Frock Shop – 25 x 30″ Channel 4  (NRTA Winner)

The series follows multi-award winning bridal and occasion wear designer Ian Stuart and the visitors to his opulent 18th century bridal boutique where bottomless champagne flows and people come to find the dress of their dreams.

Nigel Havers, Yes ‘THE’ Nigel Havers talk about his time working on The Posh Frock Shop


The Pet Talent Agency: Barking Mad – 1 x 60″ Channel 4 

Meet the agency staff who can sniff out animal talent at paw, claw or hoof’s length, and find out what it takes to be a four-legged or feathered star in what can be a dog-eat-dog world



1 x 60″ Channel 4 

Go behind closed doors of the country’s hidden swinging scene via access to one of Britain’s most popular swingers’ clubs, in a brand new 1×60’ observational documentary that aims to shed light on a lifestyle that is often sensationalised.